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We are a group of mental health professionals in Sri Lanka who believes that people can create wonders and perform miracles if we set their minds to it. We see the extraordinary potential that each and every person has within them yet underutilized due to unawareness of its existence. Understanding this, we feel that we can help them grow into the best of themselves.

At Mind Heals, our commitment is to ensure that every single person in Sri Lanka is able to have convenient access to mental health care services. Online counseling, workshops, and exercises are some of the methods practiced. In doing so, we help them achieve what they seek to become the best versions of themselves.

In a community where there’s a stigma surrounding the idea of psychological counseling, we at Mind Heals strive to educate the public on the importance of mental health care. Working with highly qualified and well-experienced professionals, we want to make everyone feel comfortable to come out of hiding and promptly reach out for guidance on their most pressing challenges.


We envision building a nation in which all people have convenient access to reliable, affordable, and confidential high-quality mental health care, uplifting the mental health wellness standards in our community.


Mind Heals aims to deliver counseling services through fully qualified and experienced mental health professionals in Sri Lanka while maintaining correct quality standards and ethical principles.

1. To make mental health care convenient, effective, confidential, and affordable to all.

2. To provide an easily accessible platform for trained mental health practitioners to interact with clients in a safe and secure manner.

3. To enhance mental health awareness and promote mental health education.

Mind Heals has given a new face to the mental health care sector of Sri Lanka benefiting individuals and families equipping them with the right mindset of living with a greater purpose, positive attitudes, and empathetic behavior towards self as well as the society as a whole.

We believe that when the tides are low and the boat doesn’t seem to row, a little push can help set it sail. This is what we want to spread and this what we want to be.


Mind Heals is a social service oriented organization incorporated under the laws of Sri Lanka with the primary objective of supporting the nation to relieve from adverse emotional/ psychological/ mental health conditions. Mind Heals introduces a ‘Digital Health Service platform’ specifically focused on mental health care and psychotherapy services. The platform brings together licensed professionals serving diversified areas of psychology and mental health, to provide accessible mental health care.

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